Wednesday, November 11, 2009

WebPoint VPN

Remeber Neo from the Matrix? Of course you do. Remember how he had powers to control the matrix. Well thats how you goin to feel with WepPoint's Remote Access & VPN

Imagine being able to access all your remote computers and networks from any web browser? Imagine being able to connect to multiple desktops or screens at once?

WebPoint is a remote access solution ideal for individuals and Small & Medium Businesses. It offers fast, latest generation VPN technology and uses no international bandwidth.

Installation only takes a few minutes and gives access to all the remote computers, files and network resources. By installing it on pone PC in your network, it will automatically discover all the machines and servers in your network!

Sounds pretty handy, doesn't it?

  • You can remote access any PC using your favorite remote screen software like Remote Desktop Connection, UltraVNC, etc.
  • You can remotely open your shared drives directly from Windows Explorer or map remote shares on your local computer.
  • Open documents directly from within your applications (such as Microsoft Word or Excel), even if you’re away from the office
  • Take your music & movies with you. Play your files directly from your remote computer.
  • You can Print local documents on your remote printer.

The best part is the price. Access your computers and networks from anywhere in South-Africa from only R40/m. Click Here for a free trial

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