Monday, June 1, 2009

Innovation in web design

Want a site that will be instantly famous and have millions of visitors every day?
Here is my idea:

Instead of having stuff on your site that says "click here to blah blah blah...."
it could say "lick here to blah blah blah...."

People would think its a mistake, and would try click it. But nothing would happen...
They would try again and again, but still, nothing

Eventually, they would think "it does say lick here? maybe is should try that?"
They would gaze around their office, check that nobodies watching, stick out their tongue, and slurp, lick the screen! 

Their browser would then take them to the relevant page
Brilliant idea? I think so?

Yes! I have managed to make this innovative new navigation technique. Want to find out how?
(this doesn't always work first time, but keep trying, it will work!)

Lick Here



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